I find working in the area of positive psychology energising and authentic. It fits with who I am and how I work with people. I support clients in understanding what makes life worth living. I do this by exploring the main areas of positive psychology – positive relationships, positive emotions, positive engagement, positive goals and positive meaning. Positive Psychology compliments my work as an ACT therapist.
After working as a psychologist for 10 years I found that traditional psychology was largely focused on what was wrong with people and their deficits.  I am drawn to positive psychology because it is the scientific study of what is right with people. I think that positive psychology brings balance back to psychology; nurturing strengths and repairing weaknesses.
"Positivity transforms us for the better. By opening our hearts and minds positive emotions allow us to discover and build new skills, new ties, new knowledge and a new way of being." Barbara Fredrickson
Positive psychology interventions are focused on increasing wellbeing rather than just decreasing suffering. I work with clients to increase their emotional awareness, we experience a whole range of emotions in life, both positive emotions and negative emotions. Often people think positive emotions are "good" and negative emotions are "bad", however I work from the understanding that all emotions are real and valid, and we feel them and experience them because life brings positive, joyful experiences as well as difficult, painful experiences. When we build psycholoigcal flexibility we are able to accept the pain that inevitably goes with life.
I work with clients to experience positive emotions through practices of gratitude, savouring, curiosity and appreciation. 
"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust


“I work closely with Mike and Loretta at Bayside Osteo, we enjoy working together and offer a wholistic approach to care.  Take a moment to look at their website."
"For me, it is a privilege to listen to the body; I do my best to holistically support your health and well-being, with a profound respect for the innate intelligence of the body."
Dr Loretta Plowman 
"In my experience as an Osteopath, I’ve come to acknowledge the importance of when all the body systems are working optimally, then the Health has the ability to express itself."
Dr Mike Hikey

Positive Psychology