Individual therapy

I work with adults one-on-one providing psychological therapy, I appreciate that each one of my clients have different needs and because of this the flow of therapy changes with each client. 

I practice inline with my deeply held values of authenticity, connection and compassion.
I specialise in trauma and psychotherapy. I draw from a few evidence based therapies including EMDR; Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT); and strengths based approaches. 


ACT has an overall focus of developing psychological flexibility, ACT fits well for me as it is a mindfulness based behaviour therapy with loads of research backing it.


In my trauma work I form an assessment of my clients needs and offer therapy accordingly. I may offer EMDR therapy or trauma work with an ACT framework that has a narrative focus. This means I work with my clients helping them work through traumatic experiences reconstructing what has happened to allow them to build a story that makes to them, a coherent narrative. 
What happens in psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy provides a space for my clients to take time out, for us to connect and work together, we talk through the things they find difficult, painful or distressing.
The therapeutic relationship I have with my clients is the most important part of therapy. I take time to build the relationship and provide a safe space. Some clients say they do not find a connection with me and that's okay, I have built a good network of colleagues over the years and often refer people to someone I think may be more suitable for their particular needs.


I help clients cultivate mindfulness and positive emotions and offer practices that clients can use outside our sessions.

I extend my clients full confidentially and this is discussed as part of the first session, I also work under a Code of Ethics as a registered Psychologist.
Some of my clients attend therapy thinking they need to be "fixed" or feel they are "broken". None of us are broken, we do however become stuck in patterns of behaviour that no longer work for us and therefore don't serve us well. I offer strategies, guidance and support to help clients live meaningful lives and take action to positively engage in life, I help my clients move in the direction in life they want to move in.
Sometimes life is hard and difficult and we don't know how to cope, "at times our own light goes out and is rekindled by the spark from another person." Albert Schweitzer
Mindfulness is a core part of my therapy, I help clients develop skills around attention and awareness through both formal and informal mindfulness practices. 
Why consider therapy, what kind of issues should I come for?
I commonly see clients who are struggling with anxiety and with painful thoughts, feelings and memories. I see people who are experiencing symptoms of depression and just want to feel better. Commonly clients ask me to help them cope with all the difficulties they are having in life.
I specialise in the area of trauma and work with people who have experienced traumatic and distressing events. I have a particular interest in reprocessing adverse life events through EMDR and also helping people experience growth after trauma.
Clients often ask me to help them understand their thoughts and feelings and better understand what is happening when they are distressed, we work together to develop strategies and work out ways to respond differently.

Here are two short clips that you may want to take few moments to watch. The first clip is on the Black Dog, depression - 
The second clip is a beautifully put together piece by Louis Schwartzberg on gratitude