I have spent my career as a Psychologist specialising in trauma. I work with adults who have experienced a traumatic event; with those who have experienced ongoing trauma; with adults who have experienced childhood trauma; and with clients who have been exposed to trauma through their work. 

I work in the area of trauma; complex trauma; and dissociative disorders. I am an EMDR Institute trained therapist and provide EMDR therapy. 

The most important part of trauma work is the therapeutic relationship, that is, what happens between myself and my client and the relationship we build. 


I help my clients work through traumatic events and adverse life events, reprocessing memories. 

I specialise in supporting emergency services and military personal, currently serving and former serving, and their families; I have experience working in child protection and supporting child protection staff.   

Trauma is a threat to physical and/or psychological integrity, trauma is about perception and how we perceive that threat. Trauma is a seismic event for a persons belief system, an event or events that shatters our core beliefs and our assumptive world.


Most people recover well with support from family and friends and do not experience any long term problems. Others people benefit from accessing professional support.

I have a particular interest in growth after trauma, Post Traumatic Growth. The idea that we can experience changes in perspective that are transformative, a new level fo functioning and perspective in life. The event itself does not cause positive change, rather our ability to find new meaning and resolve after the event. My most significant influence in the area of PTG is from Richard Tedeschi.